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Stuck on the fence about moving?

Stuck on the fence about what the next steps are for you in this current market. Or are you trying to take the first steps toward home ownership. Let us help you figure out the best plan of action for you. We will connect you to great lenders, helpful contractors while guiding and supporting you into the next phase of life. Set up a meeting time with us to discuss your goals and desires let us give you the building blocks for the stairs to your future. Wonder what the current market is doing around the area, review link for detailed market information.  Please call us with any and all of your real estate needs!

Low Inventory could mean a faster sale

With historically low inventory, home prices are still rising, and things are selling faster.  We listed 81 acres of land and it was sold 9 days later.  This makes it a great time to list with us and sell your home.  Please check out the attached link to February’s market update.

Please call us to discuss us opening doors to new opportunities for you!



2016 Review and 2017 Outlook

What a great company overview of 2016 as well as the potentials for 2017 in real estate. Real Estate One is the leader for Michigan real estate. Adam and Amanda are partnered with an amazing supportive company. We look forward to helping clients with their needs and desires. Make sure to contact us so we can help you start your housing process.

Chili-Cook off to benefit Saline Area Social Services

Corwin Real Estate will be participating in Real Estate One Saline’s Chili Cook-off.  It will be February 16, 2017 from 12:00-2:00.  We will be making the award winning Firehouse Chili! A $5 donation will get you in the door, all proceeds are going to Saline Area Social Services. Please call us with any questions about the event!

Mention that you saw this on Corwin Real Estate and for everyone that does we will donate $5 to Saline Area Social Services!

Steps for first time home buyers in Washtenaw County

Here are some great steps to take for 1st time home buyers.  Corwin Real Estate covers Saline, Milan, Ann Arbor, Manchester, Chelsea, Dexter and Ypsilanti homes.  We are here to help you get from renting to home ownership!  We want you to have up to date information so that you can make this life decision with ease.  We understand that this change and process can be frustrating and scary as well as joyful and exciting.  We want to be there with you through all the downs and ups of home buying.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us just to ask any questions about these steps.

Holiday Fire Safety

Fire safety in your home is a topic close to both our hearts. With our experience as a firefighter and an emergency room nurse, we have witnessed people’s worst nightmares. Many tragic events can be avoided with prevention and safe practices. We want to everyone to have a safe and healthy holiday. There’s no place like home for the holidays and no better place to implement good fire safety practices.

  • One of every three home Christmas tree fires is caused by electrical problems.
  • Although Christmas tree fires are not common, when they do occur, they are more likely to be serious. On average, one of every 31 reported home Christmas tree fires results in a death compared to an average of one death per 144 total reported home fires.
  • A heat source too close to the tree causes one in every four of Christmas tree fires.
  • December is the peak time of year for home candle fires.
  • One-third of all candle fires start in the bedroom. The top three days for home candle fires were Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Christmas Eve.
  • For additional facts about fires during the holidays: Facts about home holiday fires

There are steps that can be taken to reduce the risks of death and injury from a home fire this holiday season. It is critical that families keep fire safety in mind while enjoying this festive, exciting and extremely busy time of year. Take steps to protect your family and home from holiday season fires.

1) Candle safety: To reduce the fire danger, maintain about a foot of space between the candle and anything that can burn. Set candles on sturdy bases or cover with hurricane globes. Never leave flames unattended. Before bed, walk through each room to make sure candles are blown out. For atmosphere without worry, consider flameless LED candles.

2) Tree prevention:  To minimize risk, buy a fresh tree with intact needles, get a fresh cut on the trunk, and water it every day. A well-watered tree is almost impossible to ignite. Keep the tree away from heat sources, such as a fireplace or radiator, and out of traffic patterns. If you’re using live garlands and other greenery, keep them at least three feet away from heating sources. No matter how well the tree is watered, it will start to dry out after about four weeks, so take it down after the holidays. Artificial trees don’t pose much of a fire hazard; just make sure yours is flame-retardant. Put a freeze on winter fires.

3) Clean the Fireplace: Soot can harden on chimney walls as flammable creosote, so before the fireplace season begins, have your chimney inspected to see if it needs cleaning. Screen the fireplace to prevent embers from popping out onto the floor or carpet, and never use flammable liquids to start a fire in the fireplace. Only burn seasoned wood — no wrapping paper.
When cleaning out the fireplace, put embers in a metal container and set them outside to cool for 24 hours before disposal.

4) Install and Check your Smoke detectors: Smoke alarms save lives. Install a smoke alarm near your kitchen, on each level of your home, near sleeping areas, and inside and outside bedrooms if you sleep with doors closed. Use the test button to check it each month. Replace all batteries at least once a year. Having a working smoke alarm reduces one’s chances of dying in a fire by nearly half.

5) Electrical cord safety: Extension cords should only be used on a temporary basis. Make sure extension cords are properly rated for their intended use, indoor or outdoor, and meet or exceed the power needs of the appliance or device being used. You should inspect cords for damage before use.  Check the cord for cracked or frayed sockets, loose or bare wires, and loose connections. Never use a cord that feels hot or is damaged in any way. Do not run extension cords through walls or ceilings. This may cause the cord to overheat, creating a serious fire hazard. Make sure that cords are not pinched in doors, windows, or under heavy furniture, which could damage the cord’s insulation. Insert plugs fully so that no part of the prongs is exposed when the extension cord is in use.

Welcome to Corwin Real Estate!

Adam and Amanda welcome you to the new website. The site will help any person find a home, sell a home and contact us. We are here to help lead you through the real estate process. Since this can be one of life’s biggest moments, we want to relieve some of that stress with information and professional guidance.

So that you may use this site to it’s full potential here are a few tips in searching for a beautiful home in the surrounding area.

  • Search under the Find Your Home tab in the main tool bar. Input your needs and desires for your dream house.
  • Search with an interactive map by using the Draw on Map tab. Once you have selected your region to search, you can hone your search with specific qualifications of your next home.
  • Search by communities which is located in the main tool bar. This will allow you to see all the home available in a particular area.
  • Search by School District which will allow you to find a school that will meet your child’s needs and help them grow.

Once you have your search under way, don’t forget to set up a save search account. This will allow you to save those potential dream homes to come back and explore them again.  But the website can only take you so far, we want to take you to your closing. We are here to help answer the questions that arise and help you work through the process of home selling or buying. We look forward to meeting you and building great relationships with all our clients.

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